Churches …not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together (Heb 10.25)

The following are Reformed churches identified and known in Ghana. We’ll continue to update the list to include any new ones we identify. Please notify us through any of the e-mails on the Contacts page. If you are aware of any church in Ghana that teaches and practices the doctrines found in the Statement of Faith and the Resource Links, please contact us.

Truth Missionary Baptist Church
PO Box DS60
Pastor: Ferguson Kcofie
Tel: +233 244 072 927

Asst Pastor: Anthony Adanu
Tel: +233 243 828 089

Pilgrim Reformed Baptist Church
PO Box 44
Ashanti Region
Pastor: Benjamin Arko
Tel:+233 277 665 505, +233 260913 352

Grace Reformed Baptist Church
Formerly Harvard Int. School,
Bronya Junction (Meeting Place)
PO Box FW7
Pastor: Isaac Anang Mensah
Tel: +233 246 144 084, +233 201 902 203

Landmark Baptist Church
PO Box TN1856
Pastor: Francis Nmai Anang
Tel: +233 243 453 397, +233 577 332 683,
+233 207 601 729

Grace Reformed Baptist Church
PO Box 982
Central Region
Pastor: Praise Agyei
Tel: +233 242 613 718, +233 230 378 058

Reformed Baptist Church
Kwadaso-Nzema (Meeting Place)
PO Box 15
KNUST, Kumasi
Pastor: Ben Mensah
Tel: +233 545 467 473, +233 540 691 431

Adjorman Baptist Temple
PO Box TS94
Pastor: Emmanuel Stephas Adjetey Ashiao
Tel: +233 246 685 095, +233 302 714 067

Lighthouse Baptist Church
Nungua-Adogon (Meeting Place)
PO Box NG187
Pastor: James Kori
Tel: +233 207 165 680, +233 263 706 955

“Reformed Baptist” is not a denomination, but a description of an independent local church, supported by its congregation, governed by its pastor and officers under Christ, and adhering to the Scriptures and a Reformed statement of faith (e.g. the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as a summary of major doctrinal distinctives, never as a replacement for scripture). The pastor is the under-shepherd of the local church under the Lord Jesus Christ and is accountable to the Lord, the church officers and the congregation for his discharge of his calling. A local church will be self-contained under God -His provision supplying all their needs for resources and gifts.

A Reformed Baptist Church cannot (without misrepresenting the name) be ecumenical, charismatic, liberal, Arminian or hyper-Calvinist.

These churches are normally identified with the following shorthand labels: Strictly Reformed, Baptist, Doctrines of Grace, Conservative, Evangelical, Amillenial, Independent, Cessationist, Creationist, plenary inspiration and literal inerrancy of scripture (as originally delivered). Sometimes the labels are helpful, sometimes they are misunderstood and divisive, hopefully they let everyone know what to expect, and a Biblical case can be made in defence of each of them.

The historic bases of a number of Christian Denominational Churches are worthy, God-centred, theologically rigorous documents: eg the Westminster Confession. But, sadly, the great gulf that exists between these formal principles and the current practices of these denominations renders the documents all but meaningless.